Look your best…

Sara Bowrey is a live music photographer with 20 years experience

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Having your photo taken should (and can) be FUN!

A photo session might feel like a visit to the dentist – something potentially painful and traumatic even if you know the results will be worth it.

My mission isn’t just to give you some great images of yourself – it’s to make the whole process as painless and entertaining as possible.

I’ve been behind a professional camera for over twenty years – and whilst much of that time has been shooting the world’s top musicians on the world’s biggest (or sometimes smallest) stages I’ve also developed a knack for location and studio work.

So let’s work together to make you look your best.

And let’s cut to the chase – this isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg.

I love what I do enough to want to make great photos available to as many people as possible.

So if all you want is a stunning set of social media pictures for personal use to impress your friends on Facebook or Instagram I’m happy to give you a 90-min studio or location shoot with creative lighting and as many costume changes as you can cram in for just £50. And that comes with all the cropping and tweaking of 15-20 of the best shots so you have a great little gallery to choose from.

Obviously if your project is a more commercial venture and you need pictures to sell your business (whatever that might be) we’d need to talk about the numbers. I’d give you much more time to work in (2-4 hours typically) and would generally aim to giveyou 50+ edited images.

However, even this won’t break the bank – you will have change out of £150 unless it involves a lot of travelling or lots of additional editing.

On a techincal level here’s what I bring to the party:

  • A range of high-end Sony and Nikon cameras with a wide range of lenses for different perspectives.
  • Multiple professional flash heads with soft-boxes, umbrellas and other effects to really make you stand out from the crowd.
  • A variety of 3m-wide paper backdrops and stands that can be transported to your location if necessary.
  • Professional post-production editing on the latest photography software.

So drop me a line at sara@sarabowreyphotos.com and let’s book a time to make you look your best!

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